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Astrology is the divine science to predict the planetary effects on human life with the help of birth chart .There are more than 450000 slogans in astrology by the 18 ancient saints Adhavan , Pangayan, vyasarar, parasarar, athiri, poulagan, yavanan, marisi, sounan, senagan, romahan, vasishtan, manu, biruhu, angeresan, karkian, kasiban, Narathan. Later it was developed through the devotees of those saints and they also contributed many works related to astrology. Tamil astrology is one of the ancient astrology  among  Indian vedic astrology. The Tamil astrology works Pulipaani 300 by saint Pulipaani and Kumaraswamiyam by Kumaraswamy desigar has more significance among the other works because of  its significance information about  astrology prediction.

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Pulipaani 300

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This work was done by saint pulipaani who was the student of divine saint “Boganathar”. The pulipaani 300 songs explains the effect of planetary position and the effect of the combination of the planets in the rashi chakra .He strongly emphasized that this 300 songs is enough to analyze and predict a chart .He mainly concentrated in predictive astrology .The important factors such as Ascendant enemy factor (padagathipathi) and some important yoga will be more helpful for us to analyze a birthchart.



In pulipaani 300 , atlast he said that  “within rashi chakram there are lot of secrets in planetary position ,without knowing the weightage of the planets in rashi chakram people are making different chakras such as Navamsa, thiredamasa, thuvadamsa, saptamsa etc., for picking money from people in the useless world ..”He written all the 300 songs with strong belief in god , those factors which he considered  has more influence and effects in astrology prediction .


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